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Untitled Chapter one part one

The first part of the first chapter of my currently untitled story.

Dark clouds gathered in the sky, dulling the afternoon sunlight and quickly beginning to obscure the near mountain peaks. The town of Lamon was busy, due to the harvest celebrations, but today for an autumn storm, a taste of winter to come. Through the busy people a woman moved with purpose towards the edge of town. Many people stopped her to talk, but she always managed to leave the conversation quickly and soon she reached a large house with a large shed near by, the chimney on the side suggesting the forge within, but it was cold today, no smoke rising from its chimney.

The woman walked briskly to the thick wooden door and knocked firmly. She took a moment while she waited to admire the dark wood of the door and the intricate carvings on it and though she could here much movement and talk in the house no one came to the door for a long moment and she began to raise her hand to knock again as the door was almost yanked open. The door was opened by a tall man, his pale blond hair tied back and his strongly boned face, perhaps showing a Jhotun ancestor, was drawn into tight lines.

“Esket, you are here,” there was relief in his voice,” Come in, Fjola is in the main bedroom.”

“Ulric, I am almost surprised you are not with Fjola, is everything alright?”

“Sonja is with her at the moment,” Ulric said, “ still getting ready for the storm and it is taking a bit longer than I expected. You would think we would be used to preparing for them but something always goes wrong.”

Esket reached up and gave the worried man's shoulder a squeeze,”

Go, finish getting ready for the storm, I'll clean up and get a few things prepared then go see Fjola.”

She moved to the kitchen to boil water and clean her hands, getting out some medications to help with the birthing pains. Esket turned at a soft sound behind her and saw a small boy looking at her, with mussed white-blond hair, a smudge of dirt on his cheek and his blue-green eyes wide.

“Olin, child,” she said with a bit of surprise,” why are you looking around like something is going to eat you?” A slightly amused look crossed her face then,

or maybe you are dodging some chores?”

“No...” his quiet voice paused, “Papa and everyone else is busy, they didn't have anything for me to do and Papa said to leave Mama alone. Is something wrong with Mama?”

Esket's eyes softened, of course he would be worrying with everything going on.

“Your mama is fine, its just the baby coming. How about we go and see her? Then I'm sure we can find something for you to do.”

Quickly putting the needed items in a basket Esket then took the young boy's hand and they went to the room beside the kitchen and knocked on the door. It was quickly opened by a honey blonde woman in her late teens.

“Your father said you would be helping today,” the older woman said as she moved into the room, bringing Olin with her.

"Go on," she said to Olin, who quickly went over to his mother who then spoke, "yes Sonja said she would at least be an extra pair of hands," the dark haired woman then turned her attention to her son, who was watching anxiously.

"Is something wrong, Olin?"

"I just didn't know what was going on," he said in a small voice.

“Everything is fine, honey, it's just the baby coming . Sometimes it can be a bit hard, but that is why Esket and Sonja are here to help. Okay?”

He nodded and Fjola looked at her daughter, “Sonja could you take Olin and find Daven, so Olin has something to do? Then come back of course.”

Esket sighed, as the teen girl ushered her brother out of the room, and turned back to the other woman

Well my dear, you definitely have excellent timing for these things. Wasn't last time with Olin enough ?”

A short laugh from the sweating woman followed by a grunt of pain as another contraction hit. It soon passed and Fjola managed to get out, “You know me, Esket, always trying to improve on the last time, though we can hope we won't get snowed in today.”

“Well we can only hope things go as smoothly with this one and that the town is still standing afterward.”